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Summer 2018

Although we still haven't welcomed the last of this year's guests, it's certainly calmed down a bit at Camping Moulin de la Geneste.

Wow!... what a summer. Not only was it our busiest to date but certainly one of the driest and hottest we've experienced since moving here in 2010. The sun shone on many happy campers week after week, allowing long days of sightseeing, sunbathing and good times.

So much has happened over these past few glorious months, here's a little update...

Last years winter project was completed and put into it's woodland position with the help of many hands. Thank you all for dragging, pushing, lifting and laughing with us. We are very proud of our new Wedgewood Wagon and Steve's woodworking talents have already been appreciated by many and we have had some excellent feedback.

Mike's green woodworking courses have always been popular with our guests but 2018 saw the introduction of many more options. From our 'Spinning Taster Sessions' with Jan to 'Art Courses' with Sandrine and 'Old School Woodworking' with Steve, all were enjoyed and new skills learned by both young and old

We welcomed our local community onto the campsite both in June when we hosted the annual fishing competition for the village and again in September for 'Geneste Fest'. Both were excellent opportunities for neighbours and villagers to see the work we do here and for us to offer something in return for their kindness and friendship. Geneste Fest was a great success on another very hot day, the performers were all fantastic and we sang and danced late into the night.

If you were here earlier in the year, you won't have seen two new projects finished for this summer. The first was the new outdoor staircase leading from the woodland walk to the marquee and shower block. Made from oak and decorated in paint with 'Steve's 'On My Bench' poem. It certainly made the transportation of naan breads easier for my little helpers on curry

night. The second project and which proved to be hugely popular was the fire pit. I could never have imagined this was going to get so much use. Songs were sung and guitars were played, adults relaxed on the outdoor sofa whilst children toasted marshmallows on handmade hazel skewers.

It really is the perfect place to view the starry skies and enjoy a glass of wine as the day draws to a close.

In August, we were very lucky that the Tour du Limousin route went directly by the campsite. Although the cyclists passed by at a great speed we were treated beforehand to many old cars, bikes and a great carnival atmosphere.

I'm not sure how but we also had time this year to compete again in the soapbox race at the annual fete in Condat sur Ganaveix. We decided to enter two carts this year, one build for speed and the other for looks.

The blue race car won first prize for looks but unfortunately 'The Shark' was a little too speedy for the corners...

We've not only had human guests this year!

To the delight of many children that were staying with us at the time, we also had a visit from a wild boar.

Even the local wildlife love the relaxed vibes we offer here!

And onto one of our best reservation emails ever...

'Okay, funny story: my book is in your library and one of your guests sent me a picture of it. I asked: great campsite? And she absolutely recommended you :-)'

A work colleague had recognised this Author's book on the shelf in our reception and told her about us. We don't have many famous people visit, so of course I asked her to sign the book before she left.

I mentioned earlier, 2018 has been our busiest year ever and many records have been broken. Sixty-two people for curry night was one of these records (that's a lot of onion bhajis!)

We certainly couldn't have done it without the help of Hannah, Pippa and Ben. Their help and friendship made sure everything ran smoothly and I'm sure it isn't just us that hope they return next year.

We've had more people stay this year, for longer periods of time and more different nationalities than ever before. Friendships have formed and promises of keeping in touch and hopefully returning next year. We thank all our guests that stayed with us in 2018, you've helped to make it a very special season for us and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

So, as the leaves start to change colour and the days drop cooler our thoughts turn to 2019 and our work projects for the winter months. We've talked about a new reception for a few years and we feel now is the right time to put our plans into action. I'll keep you all updated...


Thanks to Benoit Charles for the photographs

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