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things for children

Donkey Trekking
Fun on the Boats
Just Hatched Chicks
Making Friends in the Playground
Floating Candles on the Lake
Donkey Riding

We love to see new friendships formed, holiday memories made and addresses swapped.  Which is why we have tried to create as many opportunities as possible for these special events to take place.  We want children to leave Camping Moulin de la Geneste with memories that will last a lifetime... paddling in the river, fishing on the jetty, watching a chick hatch, floating candles on the lake.....  Have fun and be care-free.


'Follow the hidden path, cross the stream, make a wish in the well and you will find yourself in our very own Fairy Garden'.  We are very lucky here, that the fairies have chosen to live in this enchanted area of the campsite.  Surrounded by tall trees, our oak platform is perfect for story telling and if you are really quiet, you might even see a fairy or two.


A perfect place for meeting friends.  A game of football, basketball or table tennis anyone?  But it isn't just at the playground where you can play.  Maybe badminton, boules, table football, pool or Molkky is more your thing.  With many hazel trees on site -  dens, tipees and hideaways are begging to be built or fishing rods crafted.  We encourage children to join, learn and appreciate the nature that we are so fortunate to have here.   And remember, a dirty child is usually a happy child!


With two ponies, eight goats, one little pig, numerous chickens, baby chicks, a labrador..... we always need help with feeding, cleaning, walking and watering!  

Most of our animals are of the miniature variety, perfect for small hands to handle and learn about.


What is the perfect way to see the nearby countryside - on a donkey of course!

Available for hire for half or a full day.  Pack yourself a picnic and take a walk into our nearby village via a farm track.  Or, just stay on the campsite and walk our paths here.  

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