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Not sure who was the most scared...

Here goes!

We purchased these from a DIY / Animal Feed / Gardening Centre that was closing down last year. The reasoning... having to take four springer spaniels to visit the 'le toilettage' to be trimmed and groomed was going to be time consuming and rather expensive. So when we saw these, we thought how hard can it really be?

But then the time came that Luke especially was not only looking a bit too warm in the Spring sunshine but a little bedraggled too. That's when the nerves set in.

We really shouldn't have worried though. The puppies were a bit unsure, but Luke and Leia were in their element, clearly they loved the pampering.

So maybe I need to work on my technique a little (one of Leia's ears is definitely shorter than the other), the porch was full of dog hair but not nearly as covered as my clothes were but we had a great time and lots of cuddles too.

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