Green woodworking workshop

Fan Bird
Green Woodworking Course
Knife Work
Practicing with a carrot!
Green Woodworking Course
Handmade Crayons

Green woodwork encompasses a wide range of woodland craft activities from timber framing to spoon-carving.  Historically, such crafts were practiced in woods all over the country and now you can try it here too with one of our taster courses.

The majority of our green woodworking courses can be enjoyed by anyone aged 12 and over without any extra supervision.  Under 12's must be accompanied and supervised by a parent.  Please ask for the age requirements prior to booking your chosen course.


Learn 4 safe cuts using a craft knife and practicing on carrots.

Practice the cuts on a piece of silver birch

Make a small model of a fox using Sweet Chestnut wood.

Duration - 1 Hour

Shavehorse & Drawknife Skills

Explain the safe way to use a drawknife and shavehorse


Make a series of flowers from hazel sticks and / or spatulas

Duration - 1 Hour

Knife Craft & Spoon Carving

Learn 4 safe cuts using a craft knife and practicing on carrots / silver birch

Learn safe use of a carving axe

Prepare a spoon blank using an axe

Discussion of the knife work required, develop the spoon using the craft knife.

Duration - Upto 3 Hours

Make Crayons

Cut and drill the holes in 12 pieces of willow


Cut and prepare the coloured leads for a set of crayons (12 colours)


Put the leads in the crayons


Briefing on safe knife cuts and then sharpen the crayons.

Duration - Approx. 1 Hour

Polelathe Turning

Prepare the billet (piece of wood) by

Learning to use a froe to split a log

Learning to use an axe to make the log into a cylinder shape

Learning to use a draw knife and shavehorse to prepare the billet for the lathe

Mount the billet on the lathe and turn into a cylinder

Use various gouges to make an item of your choice e.g. dibber

rolling pin, fishing priest.

Duration - Upto 3 Hours

Whistle Workshop

Briefing and practice of safe use of a craft knife.

Prepare, drill and carve a whistle blank

Prepare the fipple (makes the noise)

Fit fipple, test and carve the mouth piece.

Duration - 1 Hour

Fanbird Workshop

Carve a bird from a single piece of wood


Briefing on safe use of chisels and knives


Carve the wings on the piece of wood


Slice the feathers on the bird


Carve the body of the bird


Spread the feathers to form the wings


Balance the bird ready for hanging up.

Duration - Upto 3 Hours

Green Wood Atelier

Familiarisation session


Access to shavehorse/polelathe during your stay


All the tools you need.


Wood for making a variety of green wood items